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Alone On Christmas: 5 Ways To Cope With Being Lonely During The Holidays

Feeling lonely is challenging anytime it happens but experiencing loneliness during the holiday season can be especially difficult. When it seems like everyone else around you is busy visiting family, going to holiday parties, and exchanging gifts, it’s hard to realize that you’re in the throes of loneliness. 

Being lonely is a challenge, but with some strategies to manage holiday stress, you can ease those difficult feelings and make them more manageable.


1) Realize that you're not the only one alone for the holidays 

Loneliness is an incredibly isolating feeling – however, you aren’t alone in experiencing it! Millions of people deal with the challenges of loneliness every single day. While you may feel like you’re alone, it’s not really the case. There are many other people all around the world who understand exactly what you’re feeling and can relate to your challenges.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to connect with folks who understand, and in the age of the internet, it’s never been easier. You can find a variety of online chat forums and groups of other people also experiencing challenges with loneliness. During the holidays, this type of camaraderie can be refreshing and relieving.


ladykind cbd for women under pink christmas tree holiday gift 2) Treat yourself well

A great way to ease loneliness during the holidays is to practice self-care. As the holiday season is often a time of special occasions, allow yourself to have one – even if you’ll be celebrating alone. These might mean sipping on a CBD mocktail

Treating yourself well during a special occasion could mean indulging in some favorite foods, taking long baths and showers, watching your favorite TV shows, or taking some Ladykind Wind Down Mind Relaxing Tincture before bed. Keeping yourself occupied with these types of pampering and entertainment activities will ease loneliness while keeping your mind at ease.


woman journaling feeling grateful during the holidays while alone

3) Reflect on what brings you feelings of gratitude

Sometimes, loneliness doesn’t mean you’re completely isolated from everyone. For example, if you experienced a particularly rough break-up right before the holiday season started, you may feel extremely lonely because a major relationship in your life ended suddenly.

In these moments, it’s important to remind yourself of the relationships you still have to enjoy. For example, even though your romantic relationship ended, you may still have friends and family who care about you and can support you during this difficult time. During the holidays, these lonely feelings can feel intensified. Allow yourself to reach out for help if you need it rather than isolating yourself.


asian mother crying lonely during the holidays at therapist

4) Get familiar with your feelings and emotions

Feelings and emotions are complex. When you’re feeling a big emotion like loneliness, you may be surprised to discover that you’re also feeling a wide range of other emotions as well!

Take some time to really examine the causes behind your emotions. This can be an uncomfortable practice (after all, handling those big emotions is a messy business), but getting that deeper understanding can help you determine what needs to be done to get yourself feeling better. For further assistance, consider reaching out to a therapist or mental health specialist.


young woman volunteering at a food bank over the holidays

5) Find a way to give back to others

During the holidays, the needs of others become magnified. Places like your local homeless shelter or food bank experience influxes of needs as the weather becomes colder. If you’re feeling lonely during the holiday season, consider volunteering at an organization that seeks to help others.

Not only will your volunteering get you out of the house and interacting with others, but you’ll be left with feeling a sense of accomplishment. Because of your volunteering work, you helped someone else get what they needed to feel a little safer and more secure.


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Michele Ross, PhD

Dr. Ross is a cannabis clinician based in Las Vegas and author of 5 books including CBD Oil For Health and Vitamin Weed. Visit to learn more.