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Let’s uplift each other. From menstruation to menopause, this is your safe space. Ask questions, share stories and learn from the experts. No shame, no judgement—just support and celebration. (Venting is also welcome).

Ladykind for all women


Nothing’s taboo when it comes to CBD, your body and you. Get advice from bonafide health professionals—not bogus “news” articles.

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CBD For All Ladykind Facebook Community


Our Facebook community is 100% kind—a judgement-free forum for discussing your most intimate symptoms and concerns.

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CBD Education


Ladykind is committed to providing accessible education around women’s health issues. No memes, misinformation or hushed conversations. Through awareness, de-stigmatization and an open, ongoing stream of information, we will normalize—and celebrate—these important conversations.

Ladykind Gives Back

We donate a percentage of our proceeds to organizations that support those who cycle, specifically marginalized people—arming them with tools and information they need to take control of their own health.

CBD Education