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Stop Suffering In Silence From PMS Symptoms, Do This Instead

If you’ve been here before, then we’re willing to bet you struggle with or have struggled with bad period pain. As part of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS), for many women, period pain is a silent struggle that impacts both your physical and emotional wellbeing. The irritability and discomfort are overwhelming to say the least, especially when it feels taboo to talk about, creating unnecessary barriers to any potential reprieve. With that said, let’s explore an alternative approach to managing your painful PMS symptoms more effectively.

The impact of painful PMS symptoms

PMS includes a range of pestering symptoms that let you know your period is on its way. PMS has the power to disrupt your daily routine with distractions such as abdominal cramps, bloating, fatigue, mood swings, which are all caused by the hormonal imbalance that takes place before and during your menstrual cycle.

How to cope with painful PMS symptoms

Generations of women have experimented with various coping mechanisms for PMS. In recent years, science and technology has given way to a new, highly effective medium for pain and stress management while on your period: CBD.

Why is CBD good for PMS?

CBD is the second most prevalent compound found in the cannabis plant. It is non-intoxicating, yet it carries all the same therapeutic benefits of its notorious counterpart, THC. CBD works through your body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating several physiological processes related to hormone production. Hence why it’s such an effective treatment for any symptom or condition caused by hormonal imbalance, such as PMS, perimenopause, and menopause.

Suffering from painful periods? Here are the ways CBD can help:

  1. Delivers pain relief in a matter of minutes
  2. Stabilizes uncontrollable mood swings
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Improves sleep patterns and quality

If you’re tired of suffering in silence from painful PMS symptoms, consider adding one or both of these award-winning CBD tinctures into your daily routine. The Rise Up and Wind Down tinctures are formulated using only the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients that guarantee to support you through the challenging monthly experience that is PMS. Ladykind products are rigorously tested by third party agencies to ensure the ultimate purity and potency.

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Time For A Change?





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a better period with ladykind cbd

A Better Period Set

Are you ready to transform your cycle? Our hormone-balancing tinctures and period relief topical are powered by broad-spectrum CBD oil, ancient Ayurvedic herbs, and scientifically-proven active ingredients. Our 3-step solution will keep you balanced, energized, and cramp-free for a better period.


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Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture

When you cycle, changes in your hormone levels often leave you sluggish and fatigued. Our hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG cannabinoids are the natural remedy for low energy—powered by uplifting ingredients like energizing maca root and stress-relieving vitamin B5 to get you up and running in no time.


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Quick Menstrual Cramp Relief CBD Cream Ladykind

Tough Love Period Pain Relief Cream

Soothing cramp bark squashes spasms, tackles tummy troubles and kicks cramps to the curb. Our Hydroxysomes-led, time-released delivery system mimics the material makeup of our own skin—keeping the CBD active and stable as it's released over time.


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Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing Tincture

When hot flashes hit or PMS just won’t quit, falling—and staying—asleep is no easy feat. Put racing minds to bed with hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD and CBN cannabinoids. Combined with calming valerian root and relaxing melatonin, Wind Down gives you exactly what you need to catch more ZZZZs.


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Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture

Not in the mood? Stress, medications, and change in your cycle can put a damper on your libido. If you'd like to perk up your interest in sex, herbs like maca root and damiana found in Rise Up are known aphrodisiacs. Find your center and tap into your inner goddess when taken daily.


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Menopause hot flashes stand no chance with Ladykind CBD tinctures for women

Rise & Rest Set

Our hormone balancing duo of tinctures will have you feeling like yourself in no time with herbs like maca root and black cohosh. Powered by broad-spectrum CBD and over 7 herbs or vitamins in each tincture to help you wake up or relax, we formulated this set for your unique needs.


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