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Donate To These 4 Women's Health Nonprofits On Giving Tuesday

Here at Ladykind, we're more than just a CBD brand for women. Our mission is to eliminate the secrecy and shame around menstruation and menopause by reframing it as a powerful, sacred, and normal topic of conversation. 

We want to take time this Giving Tuesday to highlight four nonprofits that are doing great things to promote women's health and bust the global taboo about things that are part of every woman's life.


What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday occurs once a year and is always the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the United States. Giving Tuesday 2021 is on November 30th. It's a day to drive awareness of causes and raise donations for nonprofits.  According to The Nonprofit Times, more than $2.47 billion was raised on Giving Tuesday in 2020 and an estimated 34.8 million people participated.



giving tuesday donate to period movement helping pass laws for women

1. Period - The Menstrual Movement

PERIOD. is a global youth-powered nonprofit focused on eradicating period poverty and period stigma through service, education and advocacy. PERIOD. annually distributes millions of menstrual products for free to people in need, and helps support a network of hundreds of PERIOD chapters, youth-led organizations and product distribution partners. Period poverty must be solved with systemic solutions, and through the creation and distribution of menstrual health education, PERIOD. works to destigmatize menstruation and promote menstrual literacy. PERIOD. proudly advocates for menstrual equity policies such as a repeal of the luxury tax on menstrual items and mandating period products in schools. Activating a grassroots network of thousands of advocates, PERIOD. will help solve period poverty in our lifetime.



Ladykind recommends let's talk menopause nonprofit for giving tuesday

2. Let's Talk Menopause

Let’s Talk Menopause is creating a world invested in women’s health during all phases of menopause. With your support, they are empowering women with the information they need to demand proper medical care, raising public awareness about the societal costs of treating menopause as only a women’s issue, and connecting women so they can create supportive communities.

They have created public awareness campaigns with signs on public transportation and in doctor's offices letting women know that menopause is more than just hot flashes! They are launching a Let's Talk Menopause podcast to break the stigma of this life phase every woman goes through.



3. The Pad Project

The Pad Project takes a multi-pronged approach to achieving menstrual equity by combining pad machines or washable pad programs with community partnerships and sexual and reproductive health education. They are also combating period poverty in the U.S. by providing school districts and grassroots organizations across the country with grants to purchase bulk menstrual supplies.

Menstruators around the world, especially in low income communities, often face a lack of access to menstrual products. Without proper sanitary supplies, they may resort to using newspapers, dirty rags, and even leaves to manage their periods. The combination of period poverty, stigmatization, and inadequate reproductive and sexual health education has major consequences for menstruators’ wellbeing. It can also prevent menstruators from staying in school, thereby ending their education.



women in global health nonprofit advocates for women in healthcare leadership

4. Women In Global Health

Dr. Roopa Dhatt, one of the co-founders of Ladykind, is the Executive Director of Women in Global Health (WGH). WGH works to put more women in decision-making positions to improve the health of both women in healthcare and female patients.

Women play a vital role in the advancement of global health, yet men remain the majority holders of leadership positions. Women make up 75% of the healthcare workforce, yet occupy less than 25% of the most influential leadership positions. Their contribution to health systems is monumental, yet the majority of their work is either underpaid or unpaid, leaving women with few opportunities for advancement or to care for their own health. This creates an inequitable health system that impacts the health of all. 



Plant-Based support and education for women Ladykind Facebook Group

Get Answers To Your Lady Problems

Want to connect with other women to talk freely in a private community with other women about period pain, mental health issues, perimenopause, and taboo topics? Join our CBD For All Ladykind Facebook Group. It's moderated by Ladykind's Medical Advisor, Dr. Michele Ross. 


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