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Try This Potent Natural Remedy For Headaches That Just Won’t Quit: Sublingual Tinctures

A bad headache can do more than cause general interruptions to your day. Those who struggle with killer headaches or even migraines that just won’t quit know it can be a cumbersome experience. To that end, many people opt for over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol or Advil for a quick fix. But what if we told you we have something better? In this blog, we’re sharing a potent natural remedy for headaches that’s about to solve all your problems without any unwanted risks to your wellbeing.

Why a holistic approach to headache relief is important for women

For women especially, holistic remedies are becoming more and more of a non-negotiable for any ailment, medical or cosmetic. Ladykind’s sublingual tinctures are fortified, oil-based blends that feature dominant natural ingredients and ancient Ayurvedic herbs that facilitate relief to a targeted pain point while providing therapeutic benefits to several other aspects of women’s health.

When it comes to natural remedies for headaches, Ladykind offers a few solutions that will achieve the same goal. With that said, in this blog we’re going to focus on our favorite: the Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing sublingual tincture. This decision is inspired by loyal Ladykind users that praise this product as the end-all, be-all antidote for noteworthy headache relief.

Why Wind Down when you have a headache?

While topical solutions target a specific pain point site (i.e. temples for headaches, wrists for arthritis, abdomen for period cramps, etc.), sublingual tinctures work from the inside out. This calculated format allows the anti-inflammatory effects to spread throughout the body for a more thorough result. As such, this holistic measure extends beyond pain relief to promote balance and relaxation. Thus, in addition to aiding physical pain, this curated botanical blend also helps to dismantle anxiety, soothe waves of depression, and regulate your circadian rhythm.

This 2023 Beauty Shortlist Award winning tincture features ingredients such as non-psychoactive CBD and CBN cannabinoids, melatonin, valerian root, black cohosh, holy basil, and ashwagandha. These compounds are a few of scientists’ favorites for women’s health and have been regarded in Ayurvedic medicine practices for centuries.

How should I use sublingual tinctures?

Sublingual tinctures come in a jar with a dropper for easy application. Simply drop 1/4 to 1 full dropper (we recommend starting low and increasing the amount little by little over time) under your tongue and holding it there for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. Although this is the most effective way to ingest sublingual tinctures, there is almost no wrong way to use them. We suggest the sublingual application method because it allows the formulation to enter directly into your bloodstream for a faster, streamlined effect. Alternatively, try dropping a few drops into your cup of tea or other preferred beverage. What’s more, you can also mix it into a smoothie, salad dressing, or marinade for your dinnertime meal.

Want to get the best use out of your sublingual tincture? In the name of holistic health, we also recommend pairing your tincture time with other self-care practices to maximize all the therapeutic effects these botanical solutions have to offer. Combining your Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing tincture with other self-care practices such as drinking more water, getting regular (and quality) sleep, meditation, and other stress management tactics optimal results for headache relief.

How often should I use sublingual tinctures?

Sublingual tinctures like Wind Down work best when used consistently. And by consistently, we mean daily. To achieve a sustained natural remedy for headache relief, incorporate this tincture into your daily routine at dinner time or before bed. If you struggle from an overactive mind, bad period pain, hormone abnormalities that induce extreme mood swings, or migraines that won’t budge, try a dose of this tincture and reapply as necessary. In doing this consistently, you encourage the formulation’s long-term benefits to take effect. More importantly, you allow the tincture to prevent oncoming headaches before they even start.


If you’re sick of relying on over-the-counter medications, consider Ladykind’s Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing tincture as a natural remedy for headaches that not only relieves the discomfort from a striking headache, but empowers other aspects of women’s wellness, too. The healing properties in these Ayurvedic ingredients act as an organic analgesic, free of any complicated side effects. Kiss those persistent migraines goodbye and open up the possibility for a new and improved lifestyle with Wind Down. Enjoy 20% off your purchase with discount code WINDDOWN20.


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