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Foods To Eat & Avoid On Your Period

Did you know the foods you consume while menstruating can either help or hurt painful or uncomfortable PMS symptoms? 

Cramping and bloating - two of the most commonly experienced ones - are easily influenced by those cravings for pizza and burgers that feel nearly impossible to ignore. The good news, however, is that there are a number of other foods you can redirect that energy towards in order to reduce the pain and discomfort brought on by your period.

In today's lesson, we're giving you the lowdown on what to stock your kitchen with to support your fluctuating hormones, and how to avoid ushering them into further chaos.

Let's start with what not to do.

Foods to avoid on your period:

As a general rule, as hard as it may be when those cravings hit, it's best to resist and stay as far away from any inflammatory foods as possible. Inflammatory foods include sugary, salty, or fatty treats (basically all processed foods) like burgers, pizza, donuts, pasta, and anything that's fried. 

Other foods that can further irritate your PMS symptoms:

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Candy
  • Spicy foods
  • Snacks (potato chips, french fries, and other related finger foods)

While your taste buds might find these irresistible, your body will pay for the aftereffects. These foods induce inflammation by retaining water in your body- which is what bloating is. 

We know, it's disappointing to hear, and especially disheartening if you already had plans to hit up the In N' Out drive thru for a double-double, some animal fries, and a milkshake for your next meal.

If you want to treat yourself while on your period to soothe the discomfort you feel, try redirecting your thoughts here instead:

Foods to eat on your period:

Nutrient-rich foods and foods that have a high water content (i.e. watermelon, citrus fruits) can actually help reduce cramping, bloating, fatigue, and other menstrual aching. This includes:

  • Salmon
  • Tofu
  • Leafy green veggies
  • Oatmeal
  • Bananas (great for tummies that get extra upset by menstruation and struggle with digestion issues)
  • Eggs
  • Tea
  • Ginger
  • Dark chocolate (a fan favorite! Note: try for as plain as possible, meaning *not* candy bars with a bunch of artificial additives)
  • Nuts

If you're craving carbs, try swapping them out for whole grains instead. Quinoa, lentils, and beans can work wonders on the menstruating body by reducing body aches and general lethargy. 

Probiotic-rich foods like yogurt and kombucha help strengthen the good bacteria in the vagina- which is always a good idea when there's lots of activity happening down there (for any reason). 

See? There's actually quite a bit to look forward to while aunt flow is in town.

More ways to supplement support for painful PMS

Looking for more ways to give your body the boost it needs to fight off painful PMS? 

Check out Ladykind's CBD tinctures and topicals, used daily for best results. Visit our blog to learn how CBD remedies hormonal pain and discomfort.


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