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Here Are The 6 Main Functions Of The Female Reproductive System You Should Know About

The female reproductive system is literally the creation of all life. Six main elements work intricately together to facilitate the miracle of human reproduction. Without further ado, let's dive into these six main functions and highlight the remarkable processes they are each responsible for.


The 6 main functions of the female reproductive system:


The ovaries, aka the epicenter of fertility, are the heart of the female reproductive system. They are two small organs that produce eggs through ovulation. What's more, the ovaries also release hormones called estrogen and progesterone to modulate a woman's menstrual cycle and prepare her body for pregnancy. 


Fallopian tubes

Fallopian tubes are passageways that connect a woman's ovaries with her uterus. Their role is to transport the eggs that the ovaries produce. Additionally, fertilization (when a sperm meets an egg) happens in the fallopian tubes, laying the foundation for a zygote to form, which is the initial cell of a new life. 



Also known as the womb, the uterus nurtures a fertilized egg from the fallopian tubes and develops it into a fetus. During childbirth, the muscular walls of the uterus contract to signal the baby is on its way and guide it through the birth canal. If a woman is not pregnant at the start of her menstrual cycle, then the uterine lining sheds, which initiates her period. 



The cervix is the gateway for childbirth. During ovulation, its cylindrical structure shifts to become more receptive to incoming sperm. Additionally, the cervix is what allows sperm to enter the uterus and facilitates menstrual flow.



The two main functions of the vagina are:

  1. Birth canal
  2. Exit door for menstrual flow

The vagina's elasticity allows it to expand and contract during childbirth to accommodate the size of the baby passing through.


Mammary glands (breasts)

Mammary glands = boobs. 

As the only part not involved in the process of conception, a woman's breasts play an essential role in the reproductive function post-childbirth. After a child leaves the body, the mammary glands produce milk in order to nourish the newborn. This is called lactation, affectionately known as breastfeeding.



The female reproductive system is a marvel of both the creation and sustenance of life. Each component works in tandem to usher along the journey from conception to childbirth. Since everyone on this planet is a product of this awe-inspiring journey, learning about how the functions work together only fills us with love and appreciation for the women who brought us into the world. 

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