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5 Thoughtful Women's Wellness Gifts To Express Gratitude & Appreciation

The month of September is significant for many reasons. Aside from marking the seasonal transition from summer to fall, did you know that both National Wife Appreciation Day and National Daughter's Day are honored in September? In this blog, we'll explore some ways you can support women's wellness for the benefit of those special women who play a pivotal role in your life.


It's the little things

It doesn't always take a grand gesture to show your appreciation for these incredible individuals. Oftentimes, it's the small, thoughtful efforts that create the biggest impact. At the end of the day, it's those "just because" memories that create a lasting affection. Try writing her a heartfelt note, surprising her with breakfast in bed, or reading our guide to thoughtful gift-giving if you really want to create a moment of awe. Any of these gestures are guaranteed to brighten her day and strengthen your connection. Specifically for daughters, small acts of a parent's appreciation go a long way. Aside from boosting her confidence and self-esteem by reinforcing a secure attachment, these acts send a powerful message that lets them know they are valued for who they are, not just what they can accomplish.

Although it varies by individual, receiving gifts is one of the most commonly understood love languages for women across the globe. Understanding your wife or daughter's love languages is essential to appropriately communicate your appreciation for her. Giving her a thoughtful gift lets her know she was on your mind while you were apart, and serves as a reminder that surfaces fond memories of you and your thoughtful intention every time it catches her eye. But, what should you get her? Scroll down for our recommendations:


Thoughtful women's wellness gift ideas:


Message Pill Co. Positive Messages In A Bottle

Think of this as a cute addition to her desk or workspace that will encourage her to stop and take a moment for self-care every now and then. This jar contains fifty specially crafted affirmations for self-manifestation, self-reflection, and journaling she can use anytime she needs a psychological pick-me-up. These motivational reminders will support her daily routine to minimize difficult emotions, practice more gratitude, increase happiness, and offer stress relief throughout her day. And the best part? She'll think of you and how much you care about her well-being every time she uses them.


Ladykind To Go With The Flow Starter Set

The gift that keeps on giving. This starter set includes deluxe minis of Ladykind's award-winning Rise Up and Wind Down sublingual tinctures, as well as the Tough Love Period Pain Cream. These products not only regulate hormone levels and eradicate pesky PMS symptoms, but also help to balance mood, appetite, and sleep cycle to promote overall health and well-being. All three of these groundbreaking discoveries will become her best friends in just four days, which gives you the unique opportunity to introduce her to her new favorite go-to solutions for a healthier lifestyle. Take 20% off with discount code: ABETTERDAY20.


slip Pure Silk Pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is a great way to add a little luxury to her nighttime routine. The comfort and multipurpose effect will have her rushing home from school or work to get back in bed for another night of sweet dreams, or even just a nap. The silk material not only benefits her skin's health (pillow wrinkles, anyone?) but will keep her hair smooth and intact overnight too.


Ladykind Hydro Glow Radiance Booster

Any time the seasons change our skin is thrown out of wack. Instead of having to throw out a perfectly good moisturizer that's still half full, she can simply add a drop (or two) of Ladykind's Hydro Glow Radiance Booster to it upon application for a supple, refreshed finish that will lock in the extra moisture we're all in desperate need of as the seasons shift. Take 20% off your Hydro Glow Radiance Booster purchase with code: HYDROGLOW20.


Fresh Flowers from Venus et Fleur

You can never go wrong with fresh flowers. Aside from fine jewelry, nothing is as simple, elegant, and intimate of a gift as freshly picked roses to brighten up her day- and her room!



This month is your opportunity to show appreciation for the wives and/or daughters who enrich your life every day. Through thoughtful gifts, words of affirmation, and acts of service, we can strengthen our bonds, inspire confidence, and create a culture of gratitude in our family dynamics. Make this September a time to celebrate the incredible women in your life by reminding them just how loved they are.


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