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4 Challenges Of New Motherhood CBD Can Alleviate

Becoming a mom is a jarring, life-altering experience that takes time to process and unfold. Matrescense is the term that's been coined to capture the psychological and emotional changes women experience in new motherhood, and that's not to mention the physical pain they endure and the way the body changes after giving birth.

Matrescense can be compared to adolescence, in that it is an intense phase of personal transformation and growth that's essentially ruled by fluctuating hormones. It places unabashed demands on the mind, body, and spirit, which each individual responds to differently. This can include a range of emotions including joy, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, just to name a few. Assuming the responsibility for keeping a helpless infant - that you created - alive and healthy can quickly become overwhelming, and presents several challenges to add to your growing list of things to tackle during this adjustment period.

The overarching themes new moms are forced to reevaluate and redefine pertain to identity, relationships, and mental health. Feeling a sense of loss is normal and natural, as is seeking guidance from community or a professional (like a therapist) who can help you work through your tangled thoughts and emotions. Undergoing matrescence will bring you face to face with your relationship to stress and call you to update your self-care practice in order to manage this new and inevitable imbalance.

Stop the spiral

Fortunately, we're here to interrupt the downward thought spiral you or someone you know who has recently had a baby may be experiencing before it manifests into anything more serious than passing emotion. The good news is that there is a plethora of options available right now that can provide immediate aid and restore balance to your well-being. Ladykind encourages new moms to be proactive about managing their health so they can better nurture the health of their precious newborn. There are solutions ready to restore homeostasis to your system so you can give your undivided attention to the sheer and utter joy that comes with having a baby for the first time.

The beauty of matrescense lies in stepping into both newfound responsibility for and awareness of how you take care of yourself and others. It brings out a creative side in women who find a new appreciation for simple things like an undisturbed ten-minute shower or watching an adult show on tv, and urges them to explore previously uncharted territory in search of innovative ways to supplement their mental health.

Solutions await you

Vitamins and supplements have become a popular trend in the quickly-evolving health and wellness space. A quick dosage of the right ingredient cocktail can be just the nudge you need to keep your balance and move through your day as your best self for both you and baby. One natural remedy we love is CBD, and will outline four main pain points below that CBD can bring relief to.

If you feel like you need to hit the refresh button on your self-care routine to adapt to your new lifestyle and environment, one of the simplest things you can do right now is experiment with one of Ladykind's mind-balancing tinctures. As you incorporate 1/4 of a dropper to start and work your way up to one full dropper over time through your new daily ritual, you'll start to discover the therapeutic benefits of CBD and the reprieve it can offer to the unrelenting demands of the initiation into new motherhood.

Disclaimer: Ladykind does not endorse or recommend anyone who is currently pregnant or breastfeeding to use CBD. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and do want to try it, please consult with your doctor or licensed medical professional first.

4 challenges of new motherhood that CBD can alleviate:

  • Pain relief. If there's one thing we know, childbirth is one of the most painful physical processes the human body can experience. Due to its analgesic effects, CBD can deliver safe and effective pain relief to mitigate the aftereffects. CBD provides a natural alternative to the prescription meds you'll get from the hospital. Its anxiolytic effects reduce pain and inflammation that can distract you from being fully present and functional for your little one.
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety. One of the most common and also hardest challenges to overcome in new motherhood is postpartum depression, otherwise known as the baby blues. Having a baby throws everything in your body out of wack, primarily your hormones. This can cause extreme mood swings, depressive thoughts, and exaggerated anxiety. CBD is reputable for its ability to regulate seratonin levels in the brain, amongst all the other magic it works on the female reproductive system.
  • Sleep deprivation. As you will learn quickly, newborns require constant attention. Like, the kind that doesn't give a crap if you haven't slept or eaten a proper meal in days. This can lead to some immense ripple effects that impact everything from your mood to your cognitive function, and essentially your overall health. CBD not only relaxes your mind into that restful slumber your body craves, but also regulates your sleep-wake cycle to help you get back into a healthy and consistent sleep routine.
  • Crazy periods. Remember how we mentioned earlier that CBD works magic on the female reproductive system? Many women notice a change in their monthly cycle after giving birth. Some women's periods get worse, and they experience PMS symptoms like cramps or bloating like never before, while others don't get a visit from aunt flow for months after or experience a new, irregular frequency. CBD engages directly with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) in order to regulate your cycle again and all the overly reactive PMS symptoms it brings.

    In conclusion, you can expect matrescence, or your introduction into new motherhood, to be a complex human experience that will be totally unique to you. Yet, it's guaranteed to bring growth, change, and new discoveries in your journey of finding yourself again. There's no way around it- only through it.

    Luckily, Ladykind offers trustworthy and accessible solutions to help you gain an advantage and take a proactive approach to managing your health. Find your balance again physically, mentally, and emotionally, so you can soak up all the fortune motherhood manifests. Try one of our sublingual CBD tinctures or pain relieving topical creams available now on


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