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5 Traits Men Supporting Women Exhibit Every Day

Here at Ladykind, we've covered the therapeutic benefits CBD has to offer women's wellness pretty extensively. In today's blog, we'll explore the ripple effect this alternative health aid can help men supporting women develop the necessary traits and daily habits to empower the ladies in their life.

Did you know?

To start, CBD's effects can be felt by anyone who dares to give it a try- not just women.

The reason it's specifically targeted for women's health is because of the symbiotic relationship it has with the body's endocannabinoid system. Creating homeostasis in the endocannabinoid system is particularly relevant to the natural innerworkings of the woman's body, as this is what controls our sleep patterns, metabolism, and hormone levels- all known to be thrown off balance during times of hormonal fluctuation, such as menstruation or menopause.

Men and partners who value the quality of the relationships they have with their closest female companions are getting curious about what they can do to advocate for their loved ones who suffer in silence every month from painful or uncomfortable PMS symptoms, beyond bringing home special snack cravings and comfort food.

Consider her experience

Have you ever witnessed a woman you love in physical pain or overwhelmed with emotion over something she would normally consider trivial?

Maybe she even apologized for taking her frustration out on you after letting her mood swings get the best of her. As chaotic as these interactions feel on the receiving end, do you ever wonder what they're like for the one actually experiencing hormonal imbalance, bloating, cramping, and other commonly experienced PMS symptoms?

What does women's health have to do with you?

Since you don't share the same body parts, being a part of the solution will require you to develop empathy for her negative experience.

You are willing to put yourself in her shoes and take her symptoms into account if you are:

  1. A supportive partner. When you're truly in support of the ladies, you don't sit around and do nothing while watching them struggle with mood swings, anxiety, or physical pain or discomfort. Depending on your love language, you might express your support through resourceful gifts, quality time, or thoughtful acts of service.
  2. Curious about women's health. Making an effort to learn about an anatomy you can't personally refer to speaks volumes about what you're willing to go through to be helpful.
  3. Aware of our shared experiences. Even if you don't suffer from insomnia but your girlfriend does, you'd be remiss to say her sleep habits don't affect you. When it's time to hit the sheets and she's unable to come to bed because she's reeling in discomfort, you become curious about the root cause of her suffering and acknowledge how finding solutions not only helps her get to sleep, but also makes for a better night's sleep for you.
  4. Empathetic. Flex that empathy muscle. When you have a firsthand POV of what she's going through, you'll be able to think more logically about how you can help her towards relief.
  5. An advocate for women's health. You've noticed how menstruation and menopause impacts the women in your life, and care about educating yourself and finding resources to help shift their experience for the better.

Take action today

Ladykind CBD products offer simple, safe, and effective solutions men supporting women can use to exhibit thoughtful consideration towards their female partners, friends, and family members. Surprise her today with one of our sublingual tinctures or topical creams to declare your stance in support of her wellbeing.


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