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Education For All Ladykind

Posts tagged: reproductive health

CBD For Menopause: What Does The Research Say?

Menopause comes with mixed feelings for many women. In addition to the rollercoaster of mental and physical hurdles this disruptive stage of life induces, it marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years. The hormone system is thrown out of wack as the body ceases menstruation. As a result, a...

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3 Ways Ladykind Can Help You Enhance Your Friendships

Did you know today is International Day of Friendship? As part of Ladykind's mission to destigmatize mental and reproductive health topics in casual conversation, we thought it appropro to celebrate the occasion by providing some suggestions on how you can invite friends into your wellness practice to normalize a holistic...

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2 Ways To Support Minority Mental Health This 4th Of July

While no one is complaining about a day off from work, Independence Day can ring hollow and fail to capture the lived experience of people from historically marginalized backgrounds. In fact, the symbolism and representation of this patriotic U.S. holiday can bring on some serious, outright stress that calls on...

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4 Challenges Of New Motherhood CBD Can Alleviate

Becoming a mom is a jarring, life-altering experience that takes time to process and unfold. Matrescense is the term that's been coined to capture the psychological and emotional changes women experience in new motherhood, and that's not to mention the physical pain they endure and the way the body changes...

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Why Is My Period Worse Than Others?

There are many factors that play into how the female reproductive system finds its balance through the hormonal throws of menstruation. The effects PMS has on the mind and body are different for everyone and vary by individual. If you feel like you have it worse than others, know you're...

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Is CBD Legal? 2024 CBD Legality By State: Year Over Year Review

Last updated: February 8, 2024 Is CBD legal? Turns out, the answer to this question is layered. In January 2023, the FDA announced that CBD products will require a new regulatory pathway per the USDA, and will work with Congress to develop a strategy. CBD products will no longer be...

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5 Ways To Support Your GF On Her Period

Did you know? One of CBD's most significant benefits is alleviating the pain and discomfort many women experience during times of hormonal fluctuation, such as menstruation and menopause. Can you tell when your girlfriend is on her period? Maybe she's noticeably moody or abnormally emotionally reactive to things she would...

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A Unique Remedy For Endometriosis Pain

Falling under the umbrella of women's health, it's only right that Endometriosis Awareness shares the month of March with International Women's History Month. Although the celebratory season is coming to a close, we thought the former was deserving of a closer look under our spotlight. Did you know that one...

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What Is Ladykind's Pledge To Customer Transparency?

Here at Ladykind, our mission is to destigmatize the social discourse about menstruation and menopause by reframing it as a powerful, sacred, normal topic of conversation. Obviously, we believe CBD offers a reliable solution to the pain and discomfort hundreds of thousands of women experience during these times of hormonal...

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5 Reasons Men Should Educate Themselves On Women's Health

Here at Ladykind, we've covered the therapeutic benefits CBD has to offer women's wellness pretty extensively. In today's blog, we'll explore the ripple effect this alternative health aid can have on men and supportive partners/allies of all Ladykind alike. Did you know? To start, CBD's effects can be felt by...

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Are Organic Tampons Really Better For Your Vagina?

The tampon is one of the most popular solutions ever invented for menstrual care. Out of many, it has consistently been the option of choice for women around the globe. Unlike its competitors, the tampon provides ultimate comfort and convenience when that time of the month rolls around- mess free....

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Best Products & Menopausal Skin Problems To Expect

As we age, our estrogen levels decrease. Namely during menopausal transition, and increasingly so through menopause. A lack of estrogen can kick all kinds of hormonal changes into effect. Estrogen is the fuel for things like moisture retention and collagen production, two key factors that contribute to that supple, smooth,...

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Why You Should Use CBD In Skincare

If you've ever enjoyed cannabis before, you can attest to the magic it works on your physical and mental wellbeing, and the veil of peace and serenity it casts over your day. Similarly to how THC soothes and transforms your physiological state; CBD, the second most prevalent chemical compound in the...

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Is Period Syncing Real?

Have you ever had to ask to borrow a tampon from your best friend, only to find out she's also on her period at the same time? You could chalk this up to coincidence, or, this intimate information might muster a small sense of pride, empowerment - or at the...

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What Men Should Know About Menstruation & Menopause

This Father's Day, Ladykind is gifting the gift of education to all the fathers out there working hard to keep a healthy, happy home. To do this, we all have to make daily efforts to practice and further our understanding of how we can best support our partners. Typically, menstruation...

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