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11 Life-Changing Period Hacks To Try In 2024

At Ladykind we believe in bringing taboo topics to the table. And yes, that includes talking about the cringey parts of menstruation, like how to deal with an extra heavy flow and what to do about period stains in your underwear. The more we normalize talking about these socially flagrant topics, the less shameful they become. More importantly, the more we bring our uninhibited experiences to light, the more we’ll be able to benefit from life-changing period hacks like these that not only eradicate crippling pain and anxiety, but the shame and stigma surrounds them too.

Here are 11 period hacks that will change your life

Keep a PMS emergency kit handy

If you have irregular periods or experience spotting between menstrual cycles, try keeping a PMS first aid kit in your purse, backpack, or car to stay ready at all times. discreet PMS first aid kit in your car, purse, or backpack to stay ready at all times. Pick out a cute makeup bag with an opaque material for optimal discretion, and stock it with your go-to tampons, pads, favorite snacks, and other women’s wellness go-tos that help with period cramps, brain fog, mood swings, and other PMS symptoms, such as Ladykind’s Rise Up and Wind Down tinctures and the Tough Love Period Pain Relief Cream.

Store feminine products in empty candy containers

We like to use Mentos, 1) because they’re yummy and 2) because the empty container is the perfect shape and size for storing tampons. The best part about this period hack is that if anyone is rummaging through your bag, they’ll never know what’s inside… unless they try to help themselves to some candy.

Cut the perforated sides of pad wrappers

This is a great hack if you utilize public restrooms while on your period, or if you spend time anywhere with thin walls. Just cut the perforated sides of your pad or panty liner wrappers before you stick them in your bag so when you go to use them, you don’t have to announce what you’re doing via that awkward crackling noise they make when you tear them open.

Glue a secret pocket to your favorite period panties

If you’re going somewhere without your purse, wearing something without pockets, or just looking for a discreet way to stash pads or panty liners, try this secret pocket hack. Cut a square of any spare fabric you have lying around and apply superglue around the bottom sides, sticking it to the front of your favorite period panties. Instead of awkwardly reaching for your bag to bring to the restroom, you can put your pads and pantyliners in your secret pocket.

Try a DIY sock pad

On those days when your period is extra heavy, try folding up a sock and wrapping it in a thick layer of toilet paper. Using this in place of a pad will ensure you won’t bleed through.

Keep extra underwear handy in an empty baby wipe container

The next time you run out of hand wipes, face, wipes, or baby wipes, fold up a few pairs of extra panties and insert them into the empty container to keep in your purse or PMS emergency kit in case you need a spare pair while out and about.

No heating pad? No problem

Pour warm water into a ziploc bag and rest it on your abdomen. Applying warmth helps lessen uterine contractions, alleviating inflamed period pain.

Increase your blood flow

Our favorite activities for menstruation include low intensity workouts like yoga, taking a walk, or going swimming.

Use a heated massage gun

If its accessible to you, try using a heated massage gun, like this one, on your abdomen and/or lower back to target cramps and muscle aches.

Add 1/4 to 1 full dropper of Ladykind’s women’s wellness tinctures to a non-caffeinated beverage

It’s no secret by now that caffeine is not a helpful ingredient to consume while on your period.

However, instead of depriving yourself of your morning coffee or matcha latte, make the mental shift necessary to enjoy a non-caffeinated replacement while you’re menstruating. After you try Ladykind’s tinctures and experience the magic they bring to your menstrual cycle phases, you’ll look forward to switching up your routine during your time of the month. These additives help regulate your hormones to zap brain fog, improve your mood, increase focus and concentration, and even manage physical pain. Not to mention- you’ll get the best sleep of your life!

We recommend starting with 1/4 dropper at first, and working your way up to one full dropper in some ginger or chamomile tea. Of course, feel free to swap these suggestions for another herbal tea of your choice instead. Oh, and if you’re a hot cocoa kind of girl, give our ever-popular CBD hot chocolate recipe a try. Start adding the tinctures into your drinks 1-2 weeks before your period starts to get ahead of your PMS symptoms kicking into full gear.

Remove period stains

The first rule of thumb if you bleed through your feminine products and onto your clothes is to treat it ASAP. The dryer the blood gets, the harder it will be to get out.

To treat fresh stains, soak the stain in cold sparkling water (or run under cold water from the faucet) until it comes out. for stubborn stains that haven’t completely dried yet, use the corner of an ice cube to rub out what’s remaining until the color lifts from the fabric.

For set stains, soak a sponge in lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide. Blot the stain until it’s fully saturated and rinse it with cold water. Repeat as necessary.

Have you tried any of these hacks before? Let us know in the comments below - what’s one period hack that changed your life forever?

Visit our blog archive for more period hacks, women’s health education, and tips to help you improve your wellbeing this year.


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