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Your New Best Friend For Better Sleep

The perfect cocktail of ingredients to put that racing mind to sleep.

  • Holy Basil. Prized in India for it's healing and medicinal properties, this ancient Ayurvedic herb is considered sacred for its spectrum of therapeutic benefit. It has adaptogenic properties, which means it literally helps the body cope with stress and promotes emotional resiliency. What's more, it has anti-inflammatory effects, making it a staple for managing chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. As if we could get any more thorough, it also possesses antimicrobial properties that fight off certain types of bacteria and fungi.

  • Valerian Root. An age old herbal supplement used to remedy anxiety and insomnia due to its sedative effects. It promotes relaxation by stimulating neurotransmitters in your brain that generate calming effects on your body. It also regulates your sleep-wake cycle by increasing the production of a hormone called melatonin, which happens to be the next star ingredient in Ladykind's Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing Tincture.

  • Melatonin. When this naturally produced hormone is released into the bloodstream, it signals lights out time to the body, ushering you into a restful night's sleep. It also encourages the regulation of other hormones and bodily functions related to sleep, such as your temperature, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. Oh, and did we mention it also has immune-boosting effects?

  • Black Cohosh. A common aid for menopausal symptoms. This supplement alleviates hot flashes, mood swings, and even vaginal dryness by binding to estrogen receptors in the body and mimicking the effects of estrogen.

  • Ashwagandha. Another adaptogenic herb commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and also otherwise known as Indian ginseng can be used to treat a variety of health and wellness concerns. In addition to stress management and anti-inflammatory properties, studies also suggest it may also positively impact cognitive function and memory.

Wind Down is an all natural remedy for improving your relationship with sleep. Enjoy a special treat, on us, and get yours at today with discount code WINDDOWN15.


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a better period with ladykind cbd

A Better Period Set

Are you ready to transform your cycle? Our hormone-balancing tinctures and period relief topical are powered by broad-spectrum CBD oil, ancient Ayurvedic herbs, and scientifically-proven active ingredients. Our 3-step solution will keep you balanced, energized, and cramp-free for a better period.


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Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture

When you cycle, changes in your hormone levels often leave you sluggish and fatigued. Our hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG cannabinoids are the natural remedy for low energy—powered by uplifting ingredients like energizing maca root and stress-relieving vitamin B5 to get you up and running in no time.


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Quick Menstrual Cramp Relief CBD Cream Ladykind

Tough Love Period Pain Relief Cream

Soothing cramp bark squashes spasms, tackles tummy troubles and kicks cramps to the curb. Our Hydroxysomes-led, time-released delivery system mimics the material makeup of our own skin—keeping the CBD active and stable as it's released over time.


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Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing Tincture

When hot flashes hit or PMS just won’t quit, falling—and staying—asleep is no easy feat. Put racing minds to bed with hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD and CBN cannabinoids. Combined with calming valerian root and relaxing melatonin, Wind Down gives you exactly what you need to catch more ZZZZs.


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Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture

Not in the mood? Stress, medications, and change in your cycle can put a damper on your libido. If you'd like to perk up your interest in sex, herbs like maca root and damiana found in Rise Up are known aphrodisiacs. Find your center and tap into your inner goddess when taken daily.


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Menopause hot flashes stand no chance with Ladykind CBD tinctures for women

Rise & Rest Set

Our hormone balancing duo of tinctures will have you feeling like yourself in no time with herbs like maca root and black cohosh. Powered by broad-spectrum CBD and over 7 herbs or vitamins in each tincture to help you wake up or relax, we formulated this set for your unique needs.


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