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Why You Should Use CBD In Skincare

If you've ever enjoyed cannabis before, you can attest to the magic it works on your physical and mental wellbeing, and the veil of peace and serenity it casts over your day. Similarly to how THC soothes and transforms your physiological state; CBD, the second most prevalent chemical compound in the cannabis plant, can do the same for your skin.

What is CBD?

CBD = cannabis - THC.

THC is the first compound in the structure of the hemp plant, and the one responsible for the notorious reputation of its psychoactive effects (the ones that get you "high"). CBD is the second compound in the makeup, and contains a myriad of effects - none of which are psychoactive. CBD on its own, when ingested either topically or sublingually, does wonders for the body by delivering a range of benefits - many of which positively impact skin's health.

CBD as an active skincare ingredient contributes to acne/inflammation, anti-aging, and sensitive, irritated or reactive skin concerns. 

Choosing the right products

You want to look for CBD products that contain "broad spectrum" or "wide spectrum" CBD, which means they also include other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, such as CBG and CBN, but still no THC. If a product is marketed as "full spectrum", that means it contains up to 0.3% (the legal limit) of THC, as well as CBD, CBG and CBN.

How CBD works in your skincare products

CBD extracts in your skincare connect and communicate with your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) to provide soothing and relief to physical and emotional discomfort caused by conditions like anxiety, insomnia, menopause or depression. It can also aid discomfort caused by painful PMS symptoms like period cramps and mood swings.

Unless you're consuming a pill or tincture, your CBD skincare products are considered topical. Topical products are applied to the skin and absorbed through the pores. The CBD works with your ECS to:

  1. Maintain a balanced homeostasis for your skin (great for those who struggle with acne or inflammation)
  2. Deliver (a generous amount of) antioxidants that slow signs of aging
  3. Balance your skin's sebum production (abnormal sebum production can result in extremely either dry or oily skin)
  4. Calm irritated, reactive or sensitive skin (great for those who experience conditions like rosacea or eczema)

How to incorporate CBD into your skincare routine:

The CBD skincare market is quite saturated. For every product your currently use on your face and body, there's a CBD-equivalent. Start by swapping one product at a time. Let's take this Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Cream, for example, and swap it for Ladykind's CBD-infused Tough Love Period Pain Relief Cream

Maybe you try a CBD face mask, and introduce yourself to it slowly by giving yourself a facial once a week. From there, experiment as your experience guides you to. Try a body lotion, a bath bomb, face moisturizer, serum, oil, or booster such as Ladykind's most recent product launch: Hydro Glow Radiance Booster.

Hydro Glow Radiance Booster delivers a quick quench to dry, thirsty skin. Broad spectrum CBD and CBG cannabinoids partner with other notable active ingredients such as aquacell, hyalosome and hyaluronic acid that increase your skin's water retention to optimize hydration and tackle all the skin concerns we've discussed so far from their core. Use it as a stand alone product in your regimen, or mix 2-4 drops in with a serum or moisturizer you're already using. Remember to apply your skincare products from the thinnest emulsion to the thickest (toner, serum, oil, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF). 

If you're anything like we are, you tend to be a creature of habit. This means changing up your routine and the products you use can be a tolling task. Ladykind's Hydro Glow Booster is the perfect product to start incorporating today, either on its own or as an additive to one of your current favorites you just can't bring yourself to put down yet. Keep the booster in your bag for easy access to reapplication throughout the day, or dedicate your skincare mini fridge as its new home to ultimately glorify your at-home routine. Get yours today at

nani dominguez writer and podcaster

Nani Dominguez

Nani is a writer, co-host of TFAW Project and Tsismis with Jen & Nani podcast shows, and communications consultant residing in Oakland, California. Visit to learn more.


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