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5 Ways To Support Your GF On Her Period

Did you know?

One of CBD's most significant benefits is alleviating the pain and discomfort many women experience during times of hormonal fluctuation, such as menstruation and menopause.

Can you tell when your girlfriend is on her period?

Maybe she's noticeably moody or abnormally emotionally reactive to things she would normally gloss right over. Maybe she's in so much pain she's unable to get out of bed thanks to extreme cramping and bloating. One common telltale sign is when her PMS cravings hit and she embarks on a binge-eating marathon of all her favorite foods.

As members of the opposite sex, it's hard to wrap your head around what she's going through during her time of the month. Nonetheless, if you consider yourself a loving, supportive partner, you'll want to know what you can do to best support her through it.

What can you do to help?

First of all, leading with patience, empathy, and understanding will never steer you in the wrong direction. In addition, offering your support can look like many things:

  1. Lighten her load. Pick up household chores, tasks, cooking, and errands when her energy is on low. Let that woman unplug and recharge!

  2. Little things make big differences. As her partner, during the week she's on her period, consider your primary love language Acts of Service to demonstrate you're here to help. Surprise her with breakfast in bed, bring her a heating pad and a hot cup of tea, or anything else you know she finds comforting to get her through the day.

  3. Keep supplies handy. Be prepared to drop whatever you're doing to make a run to the store if she needs pads, tampons, or snacks. You can anticipate her needs by paying attention to her favorite brands of menstrual care products and making sure they're fully stocked. This can also include pain relievers and health aid supplements, such as Ladykind's sublingual CBD tinctures and topical creams that provide tangible relief in a matter of moments.

  4. Be her peace. When women are reeling from painful PMS, sometimes just being able to vent can provide great mental and emotional relief. Even if you can't understand her experience firsthand; be ready - and willing - to just listen and let her get it all out.

  5. Refrain from reactivity. Be mindful of making any snarky comments, reacting to her emotional rollercoasters, or responding with negativity toward how she feels the need to express herself while she's on her period. Even if she seems like she's jumping off the deep end, try not to treat her any differently than you normally would.

The takeaway

Be kind, patient, understanding, and proactive about how you can be a supportive partner to her while she's menstruating. Additionally, check out our blog to educate yourself on women's wellness and reproductive health, and for a small insight into her experience.


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