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3 Ways CBD Can Level Up Your Halloween Plans

And just like that, October is almost over. Before we kiss the month goodbye, we thought we'd wrap up with some fun, festive ideas for you to try this Halloween.

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which could be impeding on your original party plans. Whether you're hosting a full-on costume party, taking the kids trick-or-treating, or just going home to netflix and chill after work, we've got some suggestions on how to level up your plans (for adults only!).

#1- CBD Shots!

Studies show CBD is best absorbed when taken sublingually and with high-fat foods.

If you're throwing a party, consider serving your guests rounds of CBD shots instead of alcohol. This way (appropriate for a Monday night celebration), folks will be able to relax and enjoy themselves freely without having to deal with lethargy or hangovers the next morning. 

Simply purchase a pack of vials and insert one full dropper of Ladykind's Rise Up Tincture into each one. Use a cute tray to display the offering at a drink station or pass them out to guests at their leisure. Instruct them to hold the liquid under their tongues for 60 seconds before swallowing, then wash it down with a high-fat bite (or "chaser") of your choosing. We love finger foods easy for social settings, but feel free to get as creative with the hors d'oeuvres as your ambition allows.

#2- Bake Edibles

Edible party favors are a pretty fail-safe plan for any social gathering. 

Find a cute Pinterest recipe like this butterboard dessert that matches your party's theme. Just mix your CBD in with the rest of the ingredients before you throw it in the oven. FYI- you can add CBD to almost any recipe, except those that require baking at high temperatures. Click here for more Halloween-inspired recipes.

Not into baking? No problem. Skip the kitchen labor and purchase ready-made edible treats for your party guests instead. 

#3- CBD-Infused Coffee, anyone?

If you don't have anything planned other than going to work, CBD can still help you get into the Halloween vibe. 

One of our favorite ways to incorporate CBD into our daily routine is by mixing it into our morning beverage of choice. It's unlikely you start your day without one, so why not throw in a little mind-clearing, energy-boosting aid?

Whether your go-to cafe order is a black coffee, matcha or lavender latte, or a caramel macchiato, try squeezing in a dropper of Ladykind's Rise Up Tincture to softly launch you into a productive day. 

Benefits of putting CBD in your coffee:

  • Alleviate pain/discomfort (i.e.- period cramps, joint/muscle pains, bloating, headaches)
  • Control caffeine jitters
  • Increase relaxed focus (mitigate mood swings, hormone imbalance, brain fog)

If you want to be really festive, switch it up by swapping your regular order for a pumpkin spice latte instead!

Regardless of what kind of celebration you have planned, CBD can help you enhance your (and other adult socialites') experience this Halloween - and set you up for success by balancing your endocannabinoid system for the week to follow.

Get your tinctures here, and don't forget to come back and visit the comment section of this post to share your creative endeavors!


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