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12 Best Practices For Optimal Mental Health

Taking care of yourself goes beyond exercising and eating well. Although diet and physical activity are two significant contributors to health, there are other habits you can develop to set the stage for your best-self to shine.

It's World Mental Health Day today, and we'd like to highlight some easy ways you can create an oasis out of your currently-chaotic mental space. When our mental health is optimal, life is fruitful, enjoyable, and open to possibility. It also better positions and equips us with the mindset and skills we need to better cope with difficulties as they arise.

To reach the full potential of your mental health function, do these:

Find balance

  • Have a routine.
  • Aim to learn something new everyday by leading with curiosity.
  • Use your personal values as a compass for decision-making.
  • Make an effort to grow through your experiences, rather than simply going through them. Always remember, there are lessons to be learned in your hardships and pain.
  • Express gratitude as often as possible


  • Find a *healthy* outlet to release your stress, regularly (creative hobbies, physical activity, reflection processes, meditation, etc.).
  • Practice self-awareness in hard moments; especially when your nervous system is triggered.
  • Block off time on your calendar (a literal form of boundaries) for alone time
  • Switch up the scene every now and then and get outside!

Invest in yourself

  • Acknowledge when and where you could use support or guidance. You don't have to do it all. Play to your strengths, and leverage your support system and/or paid professionals (therapist, physical trainer or exercise class, child care, etc.) for the rest. One easy way to invest in supplements to both your physical and your mental health is by using Ladykind's CBD products that assist in disarming everything from period cramps to emotional reactivity.
  • Prime your environment by surrounding yourself with good influence (people, habits, and tangible items) according to your vision and life goals.
  • Celebrate ALL your wins - regardless of how significant they may (or may not) feel.

In honor of World Mental Health Day, consider this your dose of inspiration get in better relationship to your mental health.


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