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5 Hacks To Declutter Your Mind For Summer

Whenever seasons turn we tend to crave a newfound sense of freedom and clarity to enter into it ready to receive the opportunities that lie ahead. In the same way we are prompted to 'spring clean' our homes and tidy up our physical spaces, the start of any new season is also a good time to do some mental housekeeping, which is equally important for maintaining the equilibrium of our well-being.

We can apply the same KonMarie method we use to declutter our homes, cars, and work spaces to the baggage we've accumulated in our thoughts and internal dialogue over the past few months in order to make space for the joy and relaxation that summertime is supposed to be filled with.

Today, we will explore five hacks to prime your mind for the most optimal, rejuvenating summer vibes.

Five ways to declutter your mind for a better summer:

  1. Challenge yourself to a digital detox. In our hyperconnected world, digital devices can easily become a source of mental clutter. Constant notifications, emails, and social media updates overwhelm our brains, thus hindering our ability to relax. Whether it's for one day, one week, or one month, try taking a break from constantly checking in on what everybody else is doing. Focusing on being present IRL will give your psyche the much-needed break it deserves and help you make the most of this summer by reconnecting with your most authentic self.

  2. Practice mindfulness. In any given moment, a little undivided attention goes a long way. Doing things that help calm the constant chatter in your head - whether it be a guided meditation, a light yoga session, or a daily dose of one of Ladykind's plant-based sublingual tinctures - utilize the resources available to you to release your anxiety and embrace gratitude for what's already right in front of you.

  3. Be a minimalist. Clear out the miscellaneous clutter that's been accumulating in your workspace, only keeping items you actually use regularly. For things you want to keep but don't use often, find a new home to store them in somewhere tucked away and out of sight. Simplify your internal dialogue the same way by revisiting positive affirmations relevant to whatever you are going through now, in this specific season of your life. Use a journal to dump all your other thoughts into to avoid letting them interfere with the positivity you want to infuse your summer with. Make this a daily practice. Recognizing and letting go of things (both physical and psychological) that are no longer serving you allows you to create space for an influx of new experiences and opportunities.

  4. Be strict about your daily routine. Don't underestimate the power of a consistent, daily gratitude and reflection practice. Some see journaling as an arbitrary activity with no direct benefit, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Taking even just a few minutes each day to get the thoughts spiraling in your head out onto a page untangles clouded thinking and brings clarity to your actions and decision-making process. Finding new things to be grateful for each day helps to keep your focus on cultivating positivity and abundance, which fosters a deeper sense of inner peace and overall contentment with life no matter your current circumstance.

  5. Get outside. Connecting with nature not only benefits physical health but has also been proven to have a profound impact on mental well-being. Engaging in some form of exercise, whether you prefer a brisk walk or jog, swimming a set of laps at the pool, or a nearby nature hike, helps your body release endorphins and reduce stress. Rhythmic movement and exposing your senses to the world outside (literally) brings you back down to earth, allowing you to feel grounded and centered.

By incorporating these hacks into your daily routine you create space for joy, relaxation, and rejuvenation to absorb you this summer. Put the phone down, adopt a minimalist mindset, use the resources available to you to boost mindfulness, prioritize gratitude and reflection, and indulge yourself in exploring outdoor activities. These simple yet powerful suggestions will help you lean into summer's warm embrace and take full advantage of the invitation it offers for a fresh, new start.


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