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Tinctures vs. Soft Gels: A Side-By-Side Comparison

CBD and THC are the two most prevalent chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. However, unlike THC, CBD hosts a range of therapeutic offerings (both physical and mental) without bringing on any psychoactive effects. This power ingredient supports your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for your hormone levels and activity. When taken consistently, CBD works wonders to regulate your mood, metabolism, sleep cycles, pain sensations, and inflammation. Notably influential in women's health and wellness, it also provides fast relief from anxiety, hot flashes, depression, menstrual cramps, and even body aches. 

You can experience the magic of CBD via smoking (flower, vape pens), oral consumption (edibles, tinctures, capsules), or topical application (oils and other skincare emulsions). We know, that can be a lot to take in for someone just being introduced to the subject - so allow us to break it down. In this article, we'll explain the science of how two of the most popular forms of CBD compare, and how to choose the right CBD products for you.

A side-by-side comparison

The two most popular types of CBD products are sublingual tinctures and soft gel capsules. Because both are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, oral ingestion is the easiest and most effective way to administer CBD. Although they work pretty much the same way, there are some key differences you should be aware of before deciding which to try.

Sublingual Tinctures

  • How long does it take? Feel benefits in 10-20 minutes (technically the most direct method of consumption)
  • How long will it last? Effects last 4-6 hours
  • How it's made: CBD compounds are extracted from the hemp plant via a high-proof alcohol arrangement, purified, then infused into a carrier base (i.e. oil)
  • How to use it: consume orally; can be taken alone or mixed into your favorite beverage

Soft Gel Capsules

  • How long does it take? Feel benefits in 20 minutes - 1 hour
  • How long will it last? Effects last 4-10 hours
  • How it's made: CBD compounds are extracted, measured in pre-set dosages, and encapsulated into a soft gel (basically just your tincture in pill form - spotlighting convenience and mobility over traditional sublingual tinctures)
  • How to use it: consume orally; swallow with a big, healthy gulp of your favorite beverage

How to choose the right CBD products for you

By intention

Both tinctures and soft gels are safe and effective ways to take CBD. In the end, it truly comes down to personal preference and usability. If you have a focused need, lead with that. For example, if you're experiencing lethargy or lack of focus, you may consider a product particularly designed to address that. Ladykind specializes in creating fine-quality, efficacious CBD products that support women's wellness. The brand features unique formulations developed to target distinct needs from brain fog and premenstrual cramps to mood swings and even hormonal skincare.

By format

You can also make your choice according to how you'd rather consume it. If the idea of holding a liquid under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing it turns you off, maybe a soft gel or topical CBD product is better for you, and vice versa. Still not sure? There's no harm in experimenting with different products until you find the right fit. Remember your preferences are ever-evolving, and are bound to change at any given time.

How to get the most out of your CBD products

To experience the full potential of CBD's astounding powers, we recommend making a daily habit of it. Steady use brings stability to your ECS, therefore helping you to feel more accepting of your psychological landscape and in control of your nervous system. 

Maintaining a sustained neutrality sets you up for success for when hardships and stressors in life arise. You enter into these inevitable circumstances equipped to handle them, allowing them to compromise less and less of your balance each time.

So once you fall in love with your perfect CBD product, don't forget to incorporate it as a staple in your routine. Get yours today at!


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