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5 Ways CBD Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

CBD, otherwise known as the "bliss molecule", has built quite a name for itself in the self-care arena over recent years. 

Ever since the legislation of the 2018 Farm Bill, we've finally been able to unlock and explore the true range of benefits that support women's health and wellness. The majestic compound is known for its efficacy in relieving pain and anxiety. But did you know it also holds great potential to positively influence how you experience sex?

The best part about CBD is it's a non-psychoactive compound, which means there are no intoxicating effects. Not only that, it offers a myriad of therapeutic benefits - to both the mind and body - that can enhance sexual pleasure and performance. Here's how:

Reduces stress & anxiety

Two of the most common mood killers that are especially heightened during sex. CBD's anxiolytic effects help to keep them at bay, allowing you to be fully present in intimate moments.

Enhances sensation

CBD delivers its benefits via your endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in regulating various functions of the body, including sensation. This can intensify your experiences in a way that will blow your mind!

Stimulates sexual arousal

CBD also has the potential to increase blood flow and circulation. This boosts both arousal and performance. Another helpful effect for sex, increasing flow and circulation can also result in boosting the production of your body's natural lubricants, allowing a smoother, more comfortable experience.

Supports better sleep

Lack of sleep isn't just for your mental and physical well-being. It affects your sex drive too and therefore, your performance in bed. The sedative effects of CBD, when taken regularly, improve sleep patterns and quality. Consequently, you feel more focused and energized for sexual activity.

Relieves pain

Pain can be a barrier to sexual pleasure in many ways, especially for women. Around that time of the month your senses are already on edge- your pain receptors suffering from fluctuating hormones to be exact. During sex, CBD helps alleviate any pain or discomfort that might be causing a distraction.

This Valentine's Day, give both you and your partner the gift of better sex!

Before you get it on, mix 1/4 dropper of a Ladykind tincture of your choosing into your beverages, and prepare to experience ultimate pleasure.



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Not in the mood? Stress, medications, and change in your cycle can put a damper on your libido. If you'd like to perk up your interest in sex, herbs like maca root and damiana found in Rise Up are known aphrodisiacs. Find your center and tap into your inner goddess when taken daily.


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