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Here Are 25 Ashwagandha Benefits For Women & The Best Way To Incorporate It Into Your Daily Routine

In the world of wellness, Ashwagandha is a women’s best friend. This ancient herb is deeply rooted in the ancient practice of Ayurveda, which is an alternative medicine system that originated in India centuries ago and continues to thrive today. Specifically, ashwagandha benefits for women are unparalleled, especially coupled with other ayurvedic staples. In today’s blog, let’s go over the 25 ways you stand to benefit from taking ashwagandha daily, and one simple way to incorporate it into your daily routine.

25 Ashwagandha benefits for women

Enhances libido & sexual function

First and foremost, Ashwagandha is an aphrodisiac, which means it stimulates your libido to inspire enhanced sexual function.

Multi-use anti-inflammatory properties

The robust set of anti-inflammatory properties Ashwagandha contains soothe all kinds of physiological processes. Its analgesic benefits are an effective aid for any kind of inflammation, from joint pain, skin concerns like acne and eczema, to hormonal imbalance that fosters psychological symptoms such as mood swings, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Balances hormones

At Ladykind, we aim to educate our community about the science of hormone imbalance and how it affects a woman’s body. As we know, menstruation and menopause are two of the biggest hormonal challenges a woman will face in her lifetime. Unfortunately, when it comes to the symptoms and side effects of hormonal turbulence, there’s no easy way out. That is, unless you lean on natural health aids like ashwagandha for sustainable relief.

Improves cognitive function

Ashwagandha is beneficial for your brain in various ways. When you take ashwagandha, you’ll notice a sharpness in your memory and concentration. This comes as a result of the herb’s protection against oxidative stress.

Enhances reproductive health

For women who are trying to conceive, studies show ashwagandha promotes fertility. This is a byproduct of the support it provides for your thyroid function. Thus, the cascading effects include important reproductive health benefits such as fertility and libido.

Boosts muscle mass & strength training

Ashwagandha increases physical performance, making this ayurvedic herb an ideal wellness supplement for athletes, gym rats, and anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

Supports liver function

Ashwagandha protects the liver from toxic damage and supports its overall function, promoting a healthier gut microbiome.

Fuels energy

To further enhance physical performance, ashwagandha also increases your energy and stamina. Hence, whether you’re a stay-at-home mom trying to keep up with little ones or on the move all day to meet the demands of a high-powered career, women in any position stand to gain the increased focus, concentration, and stamina ashwagandha has to offer.

De-bloats you!

This magical plant supports your digestive function. To that end, ashwagandha is a powerful conduit to relief from pesky PMS symptoms we all know and love, such as stomach bloating, diarrhea, and constipation.

Strengthens immune system

Ashwagandha is rich in antioxidants that support your immune system to better ward off any existing or oncoming bacterial threats.

Keeps stress and anxiety at bay

As an effective adaptogen, ashwagandha helps your body regulate stress hormones, such as cortisol.

Facilitates better sleep

Ashwagandha is one of the most effective natural solutions for those who experience sleep issues, like insomnia. By facilitating holistic relaxation, ashwagandha introduces better and longer sleep patterns to your circadian rhythm.

Combats negative self-talk

If you get hit with random waves of depression throughout the day, you stand a lot to gain from taking ashwagandha. This herb’s contribution to stress management includes increased focus, stamina, and naturally improved moods. You’ll notice when taking ashwagandha that your inner dialogue is a little nicer, making it easier to combat negative thoughts and self-talk that creep in from time to time to interrupt the flow of your day.

Stabilizes thyroid function

Ashwagandha impacts thyroid health by balancing out thyroid hormone levels. In many cases, women suffer from an underactive thyroid function (hypothyroidism), which usually manifests through irregular menstrual cycles, depression, consipation, or chronic fatigue. Meanwhile, other women experience symptoms related to an overactive thyroid function, otherwise known as hyperthyroidism, which might look like dramatic and unintentional changes in weight, hand tremors, and irregular heartbeat.

Regardless of which end of the spectrum your thyroid dysfunction is on, ashwagandha promotes balance and restores homeostasis for palpable relief. Despite the different types of thyroid disorders, studies show that ashwagandha is most beneficial for women who suffer from hypothyroidism.

Encourages bone health

Ashwagandha positively influences bone mineral density.

Supports stronger hair and nails

The nutrients ashwagandha contains foster keratin production, which is what strengthens your hair and nails.

Gives skin a youthful glow

The antioxidant properties in ashwagandha protect your skin from free radical damage, giving way to clear, supple, glowing skin.

Supports cardiovascular health

Ashwagandha reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels to support better heart health.

Regulates blood sugar

This powerful herb improves insulin sensitivity, reducing blood sugar levels.

Relieves severe menopause symptoms

Because it’s so great for balancing hormones, this herb mitigates severe menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats.

Dissipates chronic fatigue

Are you always tired? Ashwagandha not only boosts your energy levels, but helps to raise their frequency over time as your body adapts to it.

Has anti-carcinogenic properties

Some studies suggest Ashwagandha may contain properties that help your body fight against certain types of cancerous cells.

Helps you lose weight

Ashwagandha improves your overall metabolism. When coupled with better stress and anxiety management, it not only regulates your appetite, but can even curb one of the biggest PMS pet peeves: emotional binge-eating.

Eradicates joint pain

Another benefit of Ashwagandha’s anti-inflammatory powers is the effect it has on muscle aches and joint pains. So whether you’re sore from going too hard in the gym or dealing with a chronic pain illness such as arthritis, ashwagandha’s got you covered.

Relieves period pain

Ashwagandha delivers holistic relief to any kind of pain or discomfort regardless of whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. As such, this amazing herb is one of the most effective ways to manage the full range of premenstrual symptoms while on your period such as cramps, bloating, period pain, anxiety, and mood swings.

The dynamic duo

As outlined above, ashwagandha’s benefits for women and its ability to address common women’s health concerns are not only astounding but varied. If you struggle with bad period pain, chronic stress, sleep issues, or are simply looking to better fuel your wellness routine, consider trying one of Ladykind’s women’s wellness tinctures. This dynamic duo will have you feeling like your best-self 24/7.

Rise Up

The Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture is designed to improve your mood, boost your energy, and balance your hormone levels. What’s more, it increases your concentration like no other, so you can get into flow faster and stay focused for longer.

Wind Down

Contrastingly, when it’s time to wind down at night (pun intended), swap that glass of wine out for the Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing Tincture to dismantle all the anxiety your mind has gathered from the day. One dose of this sublingual blend will facilitate a stellar evening of rest, relaxation, and eventually the best night of sleep you’ve ever had. Wind Down pairs ashwagandha with other powerful ayurvedic herbs such as holy basil, valerian root, black cohosh, and the ever-popular CBD to deliver these 25 benefits for better women’s health.

Get the best of both worlds with our best-selling Rise & Rest Set and take 20% off your purchase with discount code RISEANDREST20 to experience the essence of ashwagandha.


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