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What Is Ladykind's Pledge To Customer Transparency?

Here at Ladykind, our mission is to destigmatize the social discourse about menstruation and menopause by reframing it as a powerful, sacred, normal topic of conversation. On that same note, we are dedicated to providing not just wellness-enhancing products, but health education and customer transparency at the heart of everything we do.

Obviously, we believe CBD offers a reliable solution to the pain and discomfort hundreds of thousands of women experience during these times of hormonal fluctuation, and also advocate for the destigmatization of the use of the compound. Our CBD self-care products, along with the education and information we make accessible to consumers aim to inform and empower women to find agency in improving their well-being.

In honor of Consumer Rights Day, we're pulling back the curtain for you on what it really means to support the Ladykind brand.

When you know better, you do better.

Ladykind's pure, science-led formulations are powered by sky-high standards, transparency, and a strong commitment to education and advocacy. The brand was brought to life by a first-generation Indian American family of doctors, chemists, and ingredient experts who have been leaders in custom contract manufacturing for over 30 years.

In addition to our holistic formulations made from only the finest quality vitamins, minerals, herbs, and adaptogens, our products are also backed by a world-class advisory board of medical professionals and CBD experts. After our in-house lab runs its Quality Assurance tests, we also have independent, third-party labs that test all of our products to verify they contain clean, active ingredients, and are free of any THC, pesticides, and other impurities. But it doesn't end there. Ladykind also pledges a commitment to sustainability and the impact our products have on the planet after you're done using them.

When you purchase any Ladykind product, you can rest assured knowing your products are:

  • Packaged consciously. We use tree-free or recycled content paper and glass components to ensure recyclability. All products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA-registered facility that uses over 80% solar energy to operate. We also include instructions on all secondary packaging on how to discard and recycle each item.
  • Clean & cruelty-free. Our non-toxic ingredients are as safe as they are effective. This means you'll never find any GMOs, gluten, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, or any other nasties in our formulas. This standard doesn't only apply to the impact it has on us humans, but to our furry friends as well. Our cruelty-free, vegan products are Leaping Bunny certified, which means they are not - and never will be - tested on animals.
  • Sustainable & traceable. The CBD we use is sustainably grown and nurtured by natural sunlight, wind, and other bio-rhythms that create the highest quality raw material possible. The farms we partner with to source our CBD have proven their own commitment to regenerative agriculture and responsible energy usage, which makes it easy for us to guarantee traceability from farm to formula.

    In addition, you should know that when you support Ladykind, a percentage of our proceeds are automatically donated to organizations that support women from underrepresented and marginalized communities by arming them with tools and information to take the status of their health into their own hands.

    Suffer in silence, no more!

    So, beyond finding relief from the pesky nuisances of hormone imbalance, hot flashes, and PMS, shopping Ladykind also means you're playing an active role in supporting our mission to eliminate the shame and secrecy that surrounds women's reproductive health through customer transparency. Happy shopping!


    Time For A Change?





    No Sex


    a better period with ladykind cbd

    A Better Period Set

    Are you ready to transform your cycle? Our hormone-balancing tinctures and period relief topical are powered by broad-spectrum CBD oil, ancient Ayurvedic herbs, and scientifically-proven active ingredients. Our 3-step solution will keep you balanced, energized, and cramp-free for a better period.


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    Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture

    When you cycle, changes in your hormone levels often leave you sluggish and fatigued. Our hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD and CBG cannabinoids are the natural remedy for low energy—powered by uplifting ingredients like energizing maca root and stress-relieving vitamin B5 to get you up and running in no time.


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    Quick Menstrual Cramp Relief CBD Cream Ladykind

    Tough Love Period Pain Relief Cream

    Soothing cramp bark squashes spasms, tackles tummy troubles and kicks cramps to the curb. Our Hydroxysomes-led, time-released delivery system mimics the material makeup of our own skin—keeping the CBD active and stable as it's released over time.


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    Wind Down Nightly Mind Relaxing Tincture

    When hot flashes hit or PMS just won’t quit, falling—and staying—asleep is no easy feat. Put racing minds to bed with hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD and CBN cannabinoids. Combined with calming valerian root and relaxing melatonin, Wind Down gives you exactly what you need to catch more ZZZZs.


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    Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture

    Not in the mood? Stress, medications, and change in your cycle can put a damper on your libido. If you'd like to perk up your interest in sex, herbs like maca root and damiana found in Rise Up are known aphrodisiacs. Find your center and tap into your inner goddess when taken daily.


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    Menopause hot flashes stand no chance with Ladykind CBD tinctures for women

    Rise & Rest Set

    Our hormone balancing duo of tinctures will have you feeling like yourself in no time with herbs like maca root and black cohosh. Powered by broad-spectrum CBD and over 7 herbs or vitamins in each tincture to help you wake up or relax, we formulated this set for your unique needs.


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