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Education For All Ladykind

Posts tagged: retail

Join Us For Ladykind x Cloud City Supply's Summer Pop-Up Event

It's official- summer is upon us! Who's ready to celebrate? To kick off the new season, Ladykind is partnering with Cloud City Supply, an award-winning CBD store in Downtown Campbell, to host a pop-up event for you to connect with fellow CBD lovers and learn all about the safety and...

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What Is Ladykind's Pledge To Customer Transparency?

Here at Ladykind, our mission is to destigmatize the social discourse about menstruation and menopause by reframing it as a powerful, sacred, normal topic of conversation. Obviously, we believe CBD offers a reliable solution to the pain and discomfort hundreds of thousands of women experience during these times of hormonal...

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Ladykind Secures Several Spots On The 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards

Ahem... Please excuse us while we take a (well-deserved) moment to brag. This month not only did Ladykind win the Best CBD Tincture award at the first trade show we've ever attended, but also landed several spots on the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards announced on March 2, 2023 for the second...

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Ladykind Wins An Award For Best CBD Tincture

Ladykind attended its first-ever trade show last week at the Alternative Products Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and guess what? We won an award! As the three-day event came to a close, we stopped to revel in a celebratory moment after winning the Alternative Products Expo Best Tincture Award for...

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