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3 Ways Ladykind Can Help You Enhance Your Best Friendship

Did you know today is International Day of Friendship?

As part of Ladykind's mission to destigmatize mental and reproductive health topics in casual conversation, we thought it appropro to celebrate the occasion by providing some suggestions on how you can invite friends into your wellness practice to normalize a holistic approach to self-care. As a women's wellness brand, this of course includes resources and activities centered around shared experiences that enhance connection and aim to strengthen existing bonds. Our goal with every product, blog post, or interactive event we host is to build a safe community for women to explore new ways to improve their relationships with their minds and bodies.

Because of the social stigma around menstruation and menopause, oftentimes it can feel like dealing with related symptoms and chronic health conditions is an isolated experience. However, we're here to reassure you this is not the case. If you struggle to manage the daily nuisances of PMS, period pain, or perimenopausal symptoms, not only does it help to know you're not alone, but you also have a safe space to vent and learn about alternative solutions and supplements that allow you to minimize their distraction and get back to the things that bring you joy. It's because of brave women such as yourself that Ladykind has been able to build such a strong community of support for women from all walks of life who are invested in the betterment of their well-being.

Socializing self-care

When you hear about self-care, you probably associate it with the popularized term, "me time". While self-care is in large part about deepening your relationship with yourself via quality time, there's no denying that mental health is dependent on the power of your positive relationships and participating in communities that bring you a sense of belonging. Studies show the biggest indicator of one's ability to heal from trauma and cope with ongoing stress is the quality of their interpersonal relationships. But what does it even mean to socialize your self-care practice?

Your best friends have earned their titles for a reason. They are the people you have shared experiences, built trust with, and thus now turn to for both solace and empowerment. If you have the same best friends from your younger years, it's likely you've fallen into a routine whenever you see each other. Maybe your shared ritual always involves charcuterie and wine, or maybe it just means the second you see each other you fall into an output of emotional dumping on one another.

Just like any other long-term relationship you have, it's important to find ways to spice it up from time to time so the connection doesn't become stagnant. Here are three suggestions we have for you to enhance your time together with your BFF(s).

3 Ways Ladykind can help you enhance your friendships:

  1. Attend a wellness workshop or event together. A couple of weeks ago Ladykind partnered with Cloud City Supply to host a summer pop-up event that featured bonding games and activities, educational presentations by medical professionals, and networking opportunities for individuals looking to level up their wellness routines. Learning something new together can create fresh lines of connection with old friends that you otherwise would never become aware of. Stay tuned for more information on our next upcoming event!

  2. Throw a self-care party! One simple, easy way to improve the quality of the time you spend with your besties is by creating an itinerary around your favorite self-care products. By sharing parts of your wellness routine with people you love you help each other discover new ways to take care of yourselves. For your next best friend date, ditch the Pinot Grigio and make Ladykind's sublingual tinctures the star of your get-together instead.

  3. Join a group or community together. Ladykind offers a free community that gives women a safe space to share their personal experiences and explore safe and effective ways to supplement their mental and physical health. Make the effort to deepen your closest connections by joining our Facebook community with your BFF today, and unlock a new world for the two of you to explore together.

What are other ways you've learned to incorporate socializing into your self-care routine? DM us on Instagram @myladykind to share your favorite way to celebrate your best friendship for a chance to be featured on our IG stories!


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