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Posts tagged: bliss molecule

How CBD Supports Your Circadian Rhythm

In a previous blog, we unpacked the importance of decluttering your mind at the start of a new season the same way you 'spring clean' your home. New seasons prompt you to take action in many areas of life you need to improve on- such as your circadian rhythm. The...

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What Are Bliss Molecules, & How Can You Take Full Advantage Of Yours?

Have you ever consciously interacted with your bliss molecules? Well, you wouldn't know if you didn't know what they were. So let's go over that first. What are 'bliss molecules'? Bliss molecules are also known as endocannabinoids, a group of naturally occurring compounds within the human body produced by your...

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Harness Overwhelming Emotions Using Your Somatic Response

Instead of burying ourselves in the defeat of our emotions for the sake of performance, why can't we use our somatic responses to develop healthy communication patterns between our body and nervous system? If our somatic responses are carrying fruitful knowledge from our nervous system, how can we invite them in...

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