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Posts tagged: Awards

7 Galentine’s Day Activities To Try With Your Friends

You know what they say. Lovers will come and go, but best friends are forever. With that said, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romantic partners; it’s an opportunity to celebrate anyone you love, namely, the friends who have been there for all your highs and lows. But what kind of...

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Natural Medicine For Women Who Suffer From Bad Periods

The menstrual experience is anything but monolithic. While some women barely notice when their time of the month starts and ends, others can't help but notice the debilitating pain and discomfort that signal aunt flow is coming or going. To cope, many have turned to unhealthy habits that involve self-medicating with painkillers...

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How These 3 Women's Wellness Products Work To Naturally Boost Your Mood

Today marks the official first day of fall. Wow! Where is the time going? By now, we know to expect a number of things with yet another seasonal shift. Some of these include dry skin, swapping out the clothes in our capsule wardrobe, and preparing for the next quarter at...

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It's Ladykind's 2nd Birthday! Here's Everything We've Accomplished In The Last Year

Ladykind is still in its infancy stages, and yet we've accomplished so much in such a short time. It's needless to say we are overjoyed with pride at how far we have come, and want to share our success with our community. After all, none of this would have been...

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Which Is Better? Sublingual Tinctures Vs. Edibles

As new laws around the sale and production of CBD continue to progress, researchers are finding all kinds of new ways this magical compound contributes to our health and well-being. Tinctures and edibles are two of the most popular methods of delivery, however, they differ in not only usage but...

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How These 4 Ingredients Make Your Day Manageable & Improve Your Mood

All found in Ladykind's award-winning, best-selling product for women's wellness, the sublingual Rise Up Daily Mind Clearing Tincture. Vitamin B5. An essential nutrient popular in the health and wellness arena for balancing stressed hormones, relieving tension, and recharging energy levels. Maca Root. Maca is an adaptogenic herb from Peru that...

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Ladykind Secures Several Spots On The 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards

Ahem... Please excuse us while we take a (well-deserved) moment to brag. This month not only did Ladykind win the Best CBD Tincture award at the first trade show we've ever attended, but also landed several spots on the 2023 Beauty Shortlist Awards announced on March 2, 2023 for the second...

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